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We are excited to bring the news that 2021 will have a Dotgain event! A coordinated effort between Holland College, Creative PEI, and ArtsUnite will bring you an afternoon of online professional development specifically tailored to the visual arts communities of Prince Edward Island. The goal of Dotgain 2021 is to create a digital arena for Prince Edward Island’s creative community to connect, network, and consider important topics like mental and environmental health.   

The theme for this conference is “Creative Ripple Effects: How does our own mental and environmental health affect our creativity?” We will explore questions such as: How can we use our skills and talents for social good? What type of creative problems will we be solving in the future?  

Our keynote speakers will help you evaluate how our mental health can affect our lives and creativity. You will learn to manage the adverse impact and celebrate the positive effect that you can have on our creative community.  

This is a networking and learning opportunity for business-minded creatives, unlike any other in the region. So tune in for this one-day professional development conference built for creatives! Find out more about navigating our new world creatively, taking care of your mental health, and join the discussion about the creative industry’s future. 



Atlantic Standard Time (AST)

11:00 AM

Virtual Escape Rooms

(Limited spaces available register with keara@creativepei.ca)

1:00 PM

Virtual Lobby Opens

2:00 PM

Keynote PJ Stephen

3:00 PM

Jill Stewart - Strategies for staying grounded when the world around is shaky

4:00 PM

Panel: Digital Transformation of the Arts

5:00 PM

Post Conference Conversation Session



Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room

For some end-of-the-week fun, join other attendees in one of our virtual escape rooms! Even at a distance, you will have a blast working together in solving puzzles, finding clues, and seeing how quickly you can escape. It’s a low-pressure,  fun virtual experience with a real feeling of social connection!


There are limited spaces in the virtual escape rooms so contact keara@creativepei.ca to reserve your spot ASAP.

Keynote Presentations


PJ’s a user-centered design lead who’s spent the last decade & a half evolving from a freelance Holland College Graphic Design Program Graduate (parlaying the design training, and some moonlighting in the photography and interactive multimedia programs into a web design studio of one) to now the VP of Customer Experience for an international digital agency named Valtech. PJ runs a distributed team of creatives based mostly in Toronto and Chicago. His team uses Strategy, Experience Design, and UI Design to breathe life into digital experiences ranging from simple website builds, to large-scale retail digital innovation projects his company calls “Connected Experiences". Clients span Deciem (the Ordinary Beauty Company) and Lee Valley Tools in Canada, to Chanel, Samsung, and SC Johnson in the US, to name a few.

PJ kicked off his career in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, so he has hands-on experience weathering a storm of uncertainty to make a living doing what he loves, making the world a more effectively communicative (if not more beautiful) place.

In his free time, PJ works on using 3D printing for prosthetics design, creating custom, highly personalized prosthetics that express the wearer's personalities. He's currently living his best life with his wife and two young daughters in Prince Edward County.



Jill is a Registered Social Worker in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. She holds Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) degrees, in addition to certificates in Management and Adult Education. She has been a Social Worker for 24+ years. She has held a faculty position in the Human Services Program at Holland College in PEI since 2007.  


Strategies for staying grounded when the world around is shaky.

Everyday life has its own challenges. In this past year of uncertainty, there are new challenges that have added to our stress levels and have brought us to heightened levels of stressThere are strategies that each and every one of us can use to help neutralize our compounded stress levels. We all grieved losses – changes to our routines, our social networks, or our work environments. Yet life goes on even during these times of uncertainty. This session will help you press reset, and offer mental health awareness during COVID-19. 



Panel: Digital Transformation of the Arts

Panel: Digital Transformation of the Arts

Whether you work in Theatre, Music, Writing, Craft, Visual Art, Design, Dance, Film, or Videogames, COVID-19 has brought new digital tools and approaches into your life. Some we hate. Others have turned out to be delightful surprises. This panel brings together arts innovators from across Canada who have taken a deep dive into digital technology over the past year and have made some amazing discoveries. What tools and approaches worked, and what didn’t; what we may keep as we move back to in-person programming and what we may leave behind. The panel will be moderated by CreativePEI Executive Director, Mark Sandiford.


Claudia Pawlak

Claudia Pawlak is a photographer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She uses photography as a means of preserving the emotional response evoked from the spaces around her. Claudia's work aims to create a personal narrative connecting her relationship with people and place. She has exhibited work in both group shows and solo shows on a local and international scale. Claudia holds an M.A. in Arts Management and Leadership as well as a B.F.A. in Photography Studies. She is currently working with Ephimera as Community and Marketing Coordinator to better support artists as opportunities in blockchain technology evolve.

Ephimera is a digital art marketplace focused on lens-based media. Launched in November 2020 during the #ArtProject2020 art and tech expo with the Vancouver Biennale, Ephimera strives to curate a space for artists, collectors, and galleries to revolutionize how art is interacted with. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ephimera offers the opportunity for artists to sell their pieces as exclusive single edition digital creations.


Maziar Ghaderi

Maziar Ghaderi is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, sci-fi filmmaker and theatre innovator that strives to articulate his social commentary through metaphors, epiphanies and critiques. With a breadth of experience creating live shows for SummerWorks (x2), the International Symposium of Electronic Art (x2), Luminato (x2), Nuit Blanche (x3) and The Harbour Front Centre, his artistic practice aims to situate emerging technologies as vehicles to convey a performer's inner monologue. Ghaderi's works have gained recognition from MIT Media Lab, Globe & Mail (x2), VICE (x2), The Washington Times, and Newsweek and is looking forward to merging the spontaneity of theatre and the auteur-driven editing of film to build a resilient, COVID-proof approach to performance art. Twitter and IG: @maziart


Chloé Ziner

Chloé Ziner is one half of Mind of a Snail, a shadow puppetry duo currently based out of Vancouver. Since 2003, Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel have been developing a multilayered style of visual storytelling using overhead projectors as their main light source. Their performances play at the intersection of puppetry, visual arts, clowning & music. Every Sunday evening during COVID they’ve been exploring with their livestream tech setup direct from their livingroom. Shadowjam! has adapted to include the internet in a collaborative experimental stream!


How to Register

Visit the Eventbrite page to register. There will be no fee to join us this year, although donations may be made to a SoVA student fund. The SoVA student fund provides graduation awards to select students from the School of Visual Arts programs. 

A few days before the event, we will provide login details to people that have registered on Eventbrite.   

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  1. Test your devices prior to the event
  2. Join the meeting with your microphone off. Using your camera is optional.
  3. Turn on your mic only when speaking
  4. Dress appropriately, as it is a professional event
  5. If you want to speak, physically raise your hand or use the “raise hand” feature that is available at the bottom center of your screen.
  6. Do not interrupt keynote speakers
  7. Be courteous to the other attendees 
  8. Sit facing a light, or window if you are planning on using your video camera.

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